Bharti Barodia is an Entrepreneur dealing in Fitness machines and sports infrastructure and a triathlete residing in Indore, India. She has been actively involved with endurance sports like running, cycling, and swimming for many years now.

Bharti Barodia

She was the first female athlete from Central India to finish the “Half Iron Man" event which comprises 1.8Km of swimming, 90 Km of cycling, and 21 Km of running. She has also run various full and half marathons across India and has cycled thousands of kilometers in the past several years. She is actively involved in promoting exercise and running for the masses to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Vivek Singhal is an IT entrepreneur and a seasoned runner from Indore, India. He was probably the first one from Indore to participate in Mumbai marathon in 2008. He has run in places like Satara, Auroville, Leh, Singapore, Melbourne. He is one of the few Indians to go to Two Oceans 56 km run in South Africa in 2014 and later where he was the flag-bearer from India for three consecutive years. He has also done Comrades run which is a 90 km marathon, back to back in 2015 and 2016. He is a cyclist as well and has done Manali to Leh and Guwahati to Tawang cycle expeditions.

Vivek Singhal

According to Vivek, "Running an IT company takes me traveling around the world which gave me an opportunity to run on all the continents practically with some lovely stretches like The Great Ocean Road in Melbourne or in the deserts of Namibia, or mountains of Cremia erstwhile Ukraine, or the mud tracks of the Running Village in Adis Ethiopia. Running was always a fun and meditative activity for me, so I never ran for personal best ever and took big breaks from running in between, that prevented injuries of any kind."

In this series of Podcasts, Ashish will talk to various athletes in this field about their experience, their journey, and motivation to dig out inspiration for us all.

 Using this podcast, Ashish will also reach out to various event organizers and race directors to talk about their vision and experiences in organizing such events and how they see the post-pandemic world of such events.

Stay tuned and get ready for the first interview coming in a few days 

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